What about Windows licensing on sharing computing?

In order for the vCloudPoint workstations to be fully licensed, they will each need a Remote Desktop Services Client Access License (RDS CAL) along with a Windows Server Client Access License (WS CAL). The total cost of these CALs combined will range anywhere from $10-$120 per seat depending on the type of organization deploying the workstations, and their licensing agreement with Microsoft. But these CALs are perpetual licenses – not annual subscriptions.

The result of the licensing model differences by using the sharing computing , traditional desktop PCs and VDI over three years can be seen in the following example:

Sharing: One server OS license per target server ($883) + For each client device: ( 1 Server device CAL ($30) and 1 RDS device CAL ($102)) x 30 = $132 x 30 = $4,843

Desktop PCs: 30 target desktop OS licenses ($187 each) x 30 = $5,610

VDI: 30 target desktop OS licenses ($187 each) x 30 + For each client device: VDA rights subscription ($100 / device / year) x 30 devices x 3 years = $14,610

* Cost based on 30 thin clients (not eligible for SA) over 3 years, Windows Server 2012 R2 standard, Windows 8.1 Pro, US MOL pricing, corporate customers.

Things to consider:

  • If you are replacing PCs, you may already have the WS CAL for each seat.

  • If you are replacing thin clients, you may already have both the RDS and WS CALs.

While deploying zero clients from vCloudPoint, the required licenses mentioned above must be purchased from Microsoft Windows. It is significant to note that Microsoft’s license policy varies between countries and vCloudPoint users are requested to refer to their local Microsoft’s partners before purchase.

For further details on Microsoft’s multi-user licensing please refer to Microsoft’s website or licensing brief titled: “Licensing Windows Client Operating Systems in Multiuser Scenarios“.


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